New Computer




In the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the Queen has a wonderful magic mirror that never lies. This mirror is the only one that dares to tell the truth to whoever looks into it. The Queen’s own soul speaks through this magical object.

A person incapable of developing lives a life as a prisoner of his own delusions and exists under the cloak of his own spiritual darkness while there’s the other who is ready to rise through seeking the truth, the possibilities of character development and the keys to his happiness.

In childhood who wouldn’t have wanted to look into a mirror that never lied? At the same time, as an adult, who has the courage to do this in terms of their soul’s mirror? The mirror we had dreamt about in childhood manifested and became available as a new generation computer working as a singular device helping us to spiritual self-assessment. To those interested, the Matrix Drops Computer will reveal their positive traits, the essence of their fate and displays their false beliefs and the cause of their suffering.

There are people who cannot see even their own virtues and strengths. At the same time, others have beliefs about themselves and their environment that don’t match up with reality. Many lose their self-esteem in early childhood which triggers a state of living without self-control and, as a compensating measure, overly large ego may appear.

Whoever is running away from himself is only considering external factors. Unimaginable, boundless development would be possible for us from a mental, physical and spiritual sense, if our internal world would open up to us.

We hear that humans are deeply emotional beings, but only a few know that this accounts for 95% of the whole. This means we only see about 5% of our total existence. However, such small extent is insufficient for living life responsibly.

The biggest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance. It is much worse if somebody is falsely convinced about something he knows. This undesirable condition is referred to as being „half-educated”. People living with conviction usually don’t even believe their own eyes when they’re faced with reality. Since they’re „experts” it’s unfathomable they would accept good advice.

Most people only listen to themselves, but this approach makes it rather difficult to expand one’s horizon when it comes to worldviews. Therefore, as the creator of the Matrix Drops Computer (MDC), I help people connect and communicate with their super consciousness, with their own supreme being. To the questions posed through MDC, we receive answers from our highest being. Luckily, there are still people who believe and trust themselves.

Our soul is similar to such a walkie-talkie that, through the all encompassing consciousness, is capable of communicating with all living beings in the universe independent of space and time. We have an intuitive being which supplies us with good advice and only the stage of conscious development can draw a line regarding what we are going to do with the information we receive.

For our development we must be able to recognize our virtues and our delusions. The Matrix Drops Computer reveals these spiritual characteristics for us and then the Matrix Drops products help us over the blocks at the soul level.

The questions posed have great significance in our lives. A question not asked equates to a locked door in our soul. Thanks to MDC with the millions of questions asked, we open doors to our own world.

Change then always starts with a person who is willing to make a change. Questions kick off ideas and open up the possibility for a new perspective. The human mind will skip through which it couldn’t accept before. Even though many say: „I believe it when I see it”, at higher consciousness levels, the exact opposite is true. We can only see things if we believe in their existence.

Just as with many other important things, we have to experience the Matrix Drops Protocol, then try to comprehend it. With almost all things, following the process of experiencing something we can find information that contributes to understanding. This is how we are capable of understanding even the most difficult scientific explanations as well.

Raising our consciousness level enables us to finish tasks which we may have looked at as impossible challenges before. Dormant abilities come to the surface when the level of consciousness rises. A person can only move towards a desirable direction when obstacles have been cleared in the mind.

New thoughts have revolutionary, fate altering capabilities, while the exact opposite is true as well. Bad thoughts, swearing and not having style deliver a significant relapse in mental levels. For them to stay alive, we must nourish nice thoughts just as we do this with our most sensitive flowers. To the contrary, bad thoughts, which are similar to weed, are capable of multiplying in our mind uncontrollably via a self-replicating process.

The human program is rooted in our beliefs. Only an individual is capable of forcing a change in his own belief system, which works deep inside. We can never forget that faith is a matter of experiencing and believing in that at the spirit and soul level and that it is not the same as conviction. For this, we must strive to rise to higher conscious levels and live a life that’s progressively getting cleaner from a spiritual perspective.

The Matrix Drops Computer has become a personal spiritual guide through the past couple of years. The moment is approaching when the long awaited and desired, fairy tale device cannot be missing from any household. As answers to the questions posed by the MDC, our soul sends physiological responses. The appliance is capable of recognizing, evaluating all this and, through new analogy, presenting to us in written form.